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Helping family courts make difficult decisions, so children can get on with their lives.

Helping family courts make difficult decisions, so children can get on with their lives.

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Putting children's needs first

Children have often experienced trauma and family conflict before coming into family law proceedings. They need the court to make well informed decisions without delay to ensure their safety and welfare so they can move forward and reach their potential in life. It's the least they deserve. We provide psychological assessments that give expert opinion and clear recommendations to help the court make these difficult decisions to bring about the best outcomes for vulnerable children. 

Instructing us is easy


Tell us which issues need a psychological understanding and opinion 


If we have the right expertise, we'll send you estimated costs and a filing date


We'll complete a thorough assessment, and give our opinion in a concise report.

We accept legal aided and privately funded cases.

"Dr Quicke presented as highly professional and experienced and with considerable knowledge…I found Dr Quicke to be a thoughtful and careful witness"

(Taken from BAILII case law)

Answering important questions

Family Law Psychology can help answer questions like these;

Why is this child not wanting to see their parent?

How are the family relationships impacting their child's development?

Why is this child behaving like this?

How are parental behaviours impacting this child’s development?

Should we place these siblings together?

How confident can we be that this parent has the capacity to look after their child in a safe way?
If this child lives away from their birth parent, how often should they see them?
Is this child experiencing abuse from their parent?

What was the impact of this child’s early childhood on their development?

Why is this child not attending school?

What does this child need to improve their outcomes?

Why is this child presenting as anxious?
Is this child able to freely express what they want?

Does this parent have a diagnosable condition that impacts their ability to parent?

How can we rebuild family relationships after a period of separation?

How can these parents work together to help their child(ren)?

What kind of environment/placement does this child need?

    Qualified and experienced

    ✓  We have the necessary qualifications and registration with the HCPC, our professional body. 

      We have years of experience assessing children and parents.

    ✓  We carry out detailed assessments and provide comprehensive reports. Information is gathered from multiple sources, all children are seen face to face in more than 1 context and all parents have at least 4 hours of assessments, often more.

      We are highly skilled in engaging anxious children and parents, even when parents and professionals do not think the child will engage. 

      We have specialist expertise in developmental trauma, abuse and neglect, parental capacity, family relationships/attachment and autism, especially in girls and women. 

    A reputation for being thorough

    We leave no stone unturned in our clinical psychology assessments. Solicitors who instruct us are confident they’ll receive reports that are detailed and genuinely informative in helping court proceedings move forward. 

    We put children at the heart of our assessments

    Having assessed countless children and teenagers within child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS) and as independent expert witnesses, we know child development and family relationships inside out. We put children at the heart of our assessments. Learn more about Dr Quicke to check whether we have the expertise for your case.

    Get our next filing date

    If you need a psychological assessment, get our next available filing date by clicking here and let's get the ball rolling.